Zipcar Agreement

5.2 An “Eligible Expense” is defined as (a) an expense incurred by the Member for minor routine maintenance (less than $50) on Zipcar vehicles, such as new wiper blades, light bulbs or windshield washer fluid, (b) fuel charges if the fuel card is missing or not working, and (c) any other expense approved in advance by a Zipcar representative. If you are paying for an eligible expense, you must keep the actual receipt that reflects the item or service purchased, as well as the date and time of purchase (which must be at the time of your reservation), and enter the mileage on it at the time of purchase. Please print your name on the receipt, send by email and, subject to our consent, we will credit this amount to the credit/debit card you have registered for the relevant booking. Without a receipt or if the receipt is submitted 30 days or more after the booking date, no credit or refund will be made. As part of its fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles and an agreement between Honda and Zipcar, the program offers clean, low-emission vehicles, including the All-Electric Insight Hybrid, Civic Hybrid and Honda Fit EV cars. Vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius are also available. [18] 10.9 Conflicts. In the event of any conflict between this Dispute Resolution Provision and any other dispute resolution provision of any other agreement between you and Zipcar, the dispute resolution provision of this Agreement shall prevail. 6.1 Except as required by law, the liability protection provided by Zipcar shall prevail over any applicable insurance available to you or another driver from another source, whether primary, self-exempt, secondary or conditional in any way. This civil liability protection is granted only within the minimum limit of financial liability required by the law of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs.

The limit for bodily injury suffered by a person includes any claim for loss of the consortium or that person`s services. If such liability protection is extended by any law to persons who are not authorized to drive the car under this Agreement or to persons or to cases where coverage is not to be provided by this Agreement, the financial limits of liability of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs shall apply. 4.3 Fees for Young Drivers. Due to the high cost associated with providing on-demand vehicles to young drivers, all bookings from drivers under the age of 25 include an additional fee for young drivers, which is charged based on the time or day. .