Spotting Error Based On Subject Verb Agreement

10) `was` instead of `were` 11) no error 12) `write` instead of writing 13) `helped` instead of help 🔹 Note – would prefer/would have preferred to be followed by a sentence in the connective spirit. So v2 is used. To better understand the conjunctive atmosphere of some verbs, go through ⬇️ 💯 Understanding the subjunctive atmosphere of a verb 14) The sentence is quite correct. See the Explanatory Note to question 13. 1) The sentence indicated is quite correct. 🔹Tipp – If the subject, which is not used after “nothing except”, is singularverb, it takes singular, and if the subject is plural, then it becomes a plural 2) “Many a” takes a singular subject and a singular verb. 3) Add “allowed” after “a” 🔹Ser – In a compound sentence, both the signs of help and the main signs should be mentioned separately if they differ in number, shape or voice. In such cases, a verb cannot act for both clauses. 4) “did she work” rather than “she worked” 🔹 Note – If a sentence is triggered by an adverb, in this case the inverse form of the verb is used. 5) “will she” instead of “she will be” 6) was rather.

🔹conseinte – if two subjects are related by and/like/unlike /besides/ and not with etc., the verb corresponds to the first subject. 7) no error 🔹Tip – `more than one` takes a singular noun and verb. 8) no `More. Comme un` takes a plural. 9) instead of having 🔸Handy Tip – one third ✔️ One third ❌ But if there is more than one in the counter like two, three, etc., then two thirds ❌ Two thirds✔️ Three quarters ❌ three quarters✔️ If it is followed by a plural count, then the plural verb is used and if it is followed by an incalculable noun or noun, then the singulate filling is used. For example, two-thirds of the book is easy to understand.✔️ Two-thirds of the book has been sold. ❌ Two-thirds of the books have been sold. 13. ✔️.

Two-thirds of the government (a) / country were acquired (b) / by the rural mafias of our city. (c)/ No error Solution: the sentence is correct. Please note that if “half, one third, three quarters, etc.” is followed by countless nouns, the verb is retained as singular. However, if the noun can be counted, the verb is retained as a plural. See example below: My favorite history teacher, as well as some of his administrators, were asked to resign because fewer students took history classes than ever before. No mistake The Prime Minister (1) / as well as his ministers are (2) / engaged in the electoral campaign (3) / for the next elections (4). No mistake (5) 10) It was the students (1) who wanted the teacher (2) / today to declare leave (3) / no error 11) No student (1) and no teacher (2) / was present (3) / No error 12) I made my (1) / written friend (2) / a blue ink letter (3) / no error 💯Click here for important questions of error detection / ERRORS of SUBST (with solution) Under the immense, Starry roof (1)/, people went fast, (2)/ like colored threads (3)/woven into a gray net….