Onboarding Agreement

If you are an employee in China, you might need more information on the following topics when setting up employment contracts: We hope this contribution has given you some ideas on onboarding customers and creating a plan that works for you and your customers. As always, more blogs to come, so come to our subscriber club and be the first to know if we post! Don`t be stiff. Each customer has individual needs and requirements that you must meet. Make sure you can tailor your basic customer boarding plan to these requirements and give your new customers the impression that they feel good from the start. Whether it`s a type, a Google document or a Word file, you should have a special questionnaire that allows new customers to present their goals and needs and provide you with information relevant to your business. In our case, we ask each client to fill out an ideal customer profile form to find out which areas we are looking at, which companies should be considered, and what pressure points we can use in our public relations. Sometimes, when a client wants to explore a new market, we help them build a PKI that meets their needs. As a general rule, an on-board questionnaire should contain the following information: 6.1. fresh. You pay all the fees charged in the order forms.

Unless otherwise stated in this form or in a purchase order, i) the fees are based on the services and content acquired and not on the actual use; (ii) payment obligations are not cancellable and fees paid are non-refundable, and (iii) quantities purchased cannot be reduced for the duration of the subscription. 6.2. Billing and payment. You will provide us with valid and updated credit card information, or a valid order or an alternative document acceptable to us. If you provide us with credit card information, you allow us to charge this credit card for all purchased services on the order form for the initial duration of the subscription and all renewal subscription terms in accordance with Section 12.2 (Duration of acquired subscriptions). These fees are collected in advance, either annually or in accordance with another billing frequency indicated in the order form. If the order form indicates that the payment is made on a method other than a credit card, we will charge you in advance and by other means according to the corresponding order form. Unless otherwise stated in the order form, the invoiced fee is due net 30 days from the billing date. You are responsible for providing us with complete and accurate information about invoices and contact information and informing us of any changes to this information.

6.3. Expenses in arre with the outstanding costs. If we do not receive an amount of the invoice until the due date, these fees may, without limitation of our rights or remedies, condition late interest equivalent to 1.5% of the outstanding balance per month or the maximum rate allowed by law, depending on the lower date and/or (b) we may condition future subscription extensions and order forms on payment terms shorter than the terms set out in Section 6.2 (invoice and payment). 6.4. Suspension of service and acceleration. If an amount you have had to pay for our services under this agreement or another is overdue for 30 days or more (or more than 10 days late in the case of the amounts you give us on your credit card), we can, without restricting our other rights and remedies, expedite your obligations of unpaid fees arising from such agreements, so that all of these obligations become due and payable immediately and suspend our services until these amounts are fully cancelled. We will notify you at least 10 days in advance that your account is overdue in accordance with Section 13.2 (Manner of Giving Notice) before we suspend services for you.