Georgia Doj Settlement Agreement

The extension agreement remains supervised by the independent auditor for the 2010 agreement. The parties requested that the Tribunal authorize the extension agreement and retain jurisdiction to enforce it. In his report, Jones challenged the state`s assertion that it is complying with most of the terms of the settlement agreement. The Justice Department recently informed the state that it did not agree with Georgia`s request to end the federal inspection at that time, officials said. She said it was up to the federal judge involved in the case to approve a final agreement to end Justice Department oversight. The agreement signed today resolves the ADA`s complaint. The agreement expands municipal psychiatric services so that Georgia can serve people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities in the most integrated environment that meets the needs of these people. Under today`s agreement, Georgia will, over the next five years, strengthen its effective community-based treatment, intensive case management, case management, assisted housing and sustained employment programmes to serve 9 000 people suffering from mental illness in the Community. The agreement will also strengthen municipal crisis services to respond to and serve people in psychological crisis situations without being admitted to a public hospital, including crisis centres, crisis stabilisation programmes, mobile housing in crisis and crisis; create at least 1,000 Medicaid waivers to move all people with developmental disabilities from public hospitals to the Community; and increase support for crisis, recreation, family and housing services to serve people with developmental disabilities in community settings. Georgia still does not respect important parts of its agreement with the United States.