Adjective Agreement And Plurals

Words like “fast,” “new,” and “beautiful” are adjectives. Adjectives always describe nouns. (While adverbians describe verbs or actions).) Link G. (1983) The Logical Analysis of the Pluralist and mass eras: An Approach to Grid Theory. In: Bäerle R., Schwarze C., Stechow A. (eds.) Meaning, use and interpretation of language. de Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 302-323 Note: All rules relating to the agreement of adjectives also apply to adjective pronouns and participations. Endings for adjectives with a tribe in к, г, х and щ, ш, ч, щ (vocals underline) 289. Castration adjectives are used substantially in the following special senses.

Bresnan J., Mchombo S.A. (1987) Theme, pronouns and convergence in Chichewa. Language 63 (4): 741-782 There are 3 main types of Russian adjectives. Normal, brief and comparative. 1. .